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April 29, 2010


Listener Greg G.

This was a damn fine series of articles, Kliph.

Vic P



I agree with everything you've written. My girlfriend and I had a chance "overheard your conversation" meeting with another TCMFF attendee on our Thursday pilgrimage to Musso & Frank's, which was lovely. And I too felt the pain of Tony Curtis's rambling Q&A and shared your frustration with the moderator. Again, well done.

Tom Misnik

Thanks Kliph for the great articles and also your private email to me about Jim Backus. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me during your time in LA.

I definately feel your pain about the stars. I can only imagine what I am going to have to deal with in September trying to get some of the photos that I want of " my stars" Im hoping to get out early in the morning to avoid that and the idiots in front of the Chinese theatre. Did you happen to see that documentary about them?

Thanks again for all


You are supernaturally prolific. I wonder how in the world you managed to wrangle all these observations into what appears to be logical reporting. Bravo, dear boy. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for distilling the best of the experience and saving it for us. Thank you.


Thank you so much keeping those who did not attend, updated. To have Luise Rayner attend and say "she wouldn't miss it for the world". Actors are human beings and the public forgets that. TCM classics is such an important part of my life. I have loved the movies since my early teens. I do not watch much televison but TCM is on my schedule each and every day.


Thanks very much for a terrific article. According to the Wikipedia entry on Belmondo, his "gorgeous young escort" is "Barbara Gandolfi, a Belgian ex-Playboy model." That links to this bizarre story in The Guardian from last September: .


Great articles, but...why no mention of METROPOLIS???

k. michael smith

Kliph, you are one smooth JP Belmondo yourself - "Be forewarned, by the time I finish watching these cartoons, it's a safe bet that these seats are going to be covered in my splooge." How could the lady resist? Just one thing - I assumed you were referencing your state of drunkenness, but isn't splooge a slang term for jism?

Listener Kliph

To quote a sentence i must say fifteen times a day, "Yes, jism."


Kliph, did you happen to run into a TBS legal department employee named Lee Tsiantis at the festival? He's a treasure trove of information on film history. He grew up up the street from me, and I think he credits my mom somewhat with fostering his interest in movies.

There's an interview with Lee that you might find interesting at

Listener Kliph

if we're thinking of the same person, i believe i did, indeed run into him, sit next to him at a Q&A and attend the Mel Brooks lecture with him as well - and if not him, it was another Turner lawyer.

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