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April 23, 2010



Should be "increasingly more drunk" or "increasingly drunker." Ya drunk bastard. Apart from that, INCREDIBLE FUCKING STORY. I would do anything to hang out with Nancy Reagan.


Great little piece of writing.

Tor H Tor

Moi does not drink, but here's me wee film for Playboy folks
& folks that want to view a pic of Reagan

By-Tor Herschmann

can't wait for all the pics from the Vanity Fair par-tay

And THAT is how you get things done! Tried my damndest to get into that goshdarn party, but I’m thrilled that you made it through the gauntlet!! (I shall add an “irrational sense of purpose” to the formula next year and see what happens…)

Listener Kliph

Kitty Packard, did i sit on your right during Sunset Blvd? i intuitively got the sense that i did, although i could be wrong...

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