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April 14, 2010



the king records anthology seems to be down, or is the link incorrect? what a pity!

Doug S

It looks like the links at that blog have been wiped. Keep checking back though as there is talk that they might be restored...


re: the King Record Anthologies ... I managed to find the rapidshare links... they too have been taken down.

Sister Hairy Hymen

The Shin Jung Hyun & the Questions ~ "In-a-Kadda-Da-Vida"
has been removed from the download site.

Doug S.

I just checked the Shin Jung Hyun and it's still up. Use the Megaupload link in the Comments.


A little late this time around, but here are some nice finds of mine.

The mostest evilest album I ever did own...

Nice ambient guitar loops

Blatant self-promotion:
An ambient oldie re-released with bonus material.


OMG. "In-a-Kadda-Da-Vida" *is* amazing. The whole album can be downloaded from http://rs443.rapidshare.com/files/201012726/InAKaddaDaVIida.rar.

oh raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

yo that rahsaan/golson joint is GOLD, much thanks my friend

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