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April 21, 2010



A step above the normally high rung.


A couple of nifty posts from this evening




Can you post favorite downloads from my site?



The Basement Rug

Thanks for including me in your listing here. That Mark Twain quote reminds me of his others regarding mechanical music and organ grinders. Speaking of "Giving the Drummer Some", be sure to check out this: http://basementrug.com/2010.


Lou Johnson's "Beat" is linked to Tito Rodriguez ... I love love love Lou, but would like to check out Tito! :-)

Doug Schulkind

Whoops! Thanks for catching that Holly. I create each week's Motherlode using the previous week as a template. Looks like I just forgot to delete that link. To make it up to you (and cause you asked with a smiley face), I've added an MP3 for "Se Te Acabo el Jamón" from the Tito Rodríguez album. Enjoy!

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