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April 16, 2010


Tor H Tor

Radio doesn't suck, DNA sucks.


Is there any other station out there beside 'FMU? Seriously, after Vin Scelsa left WNEW fm in 1982 I have never again listened to commercial radio. WPKN, WNYU, WFDU, and here is the only over the air stuff I've listened to since then.

no radio

I'm with ya, man. Every time I wander from the left side of the FM dial and explore, I regret it. Commercial radio is like fingernails across a blackboard... silence is preferable, nay, bliss in comparison.

I've pretty much given up on FM as a viable music source, with a few rare and infrequent exceptions. The hell of this is, if a good LPFM station actually made it onto the air in my market, I don't know if I'd bother going to the trouble to tune in or not; I haven't had a radio in my car for several years now and generally only tune in at home for news.

Long term, my bet is that we'll all have to give up FM anyway so the FCC can whore out the bandwidth to the highest bidder for more wireless gadgets. Hope I'm wrong about that.

iPad killed the radio star!!!


I think the coming of internet radio is the best thing to happen to radio since, well, radio. Sorry Mr. Armstrong, but the digital network is just a much better way to get sound out to listeners. Great quality, it scales well, a huge number of potential stations so the smallest voice can be heard, very little censorship...what is the downside? Pretty soon everyone will have some sort of iPhoneoid gadget, so connectivity will not be a problem.

So yes, broadcast radio mostly sucks. Let it die.

I hope WFMU has some sort of long term plan for the death of FM. I think it will come fast - maybe at soon as ten years. Perhaps the band will still be open, but it may not be economical to even bother transmitting over the airwaves. Would WFMU be willing to keep its transmitter active if on-air listener numbers fall below, say, 1000 people? What about ex-WXHD, with even fewer listeners? Does WFMU even have anyone on staff (or volunteer) that really enjoys the technology of broadcast radio transmission?



We got a Logitech Squeezebox at Christmas and it was a revelation as to the great stuff out there. It also made me realize that there's a lot of sucky radio in the world in general. I mean, why is there so much awful techno on European radio? I thought if I tuned into Paris it would be all Brel and Hardy and Gainsbourg, but I feel like I tuned into a kickboxing class.


People think New York radio sucks? Wow. You don't know how lucky you guys are. Next time, try living in any medium-sized city in the Midwest, you'll be scurrying back to New York radio in no time.


Radio sucks way worse than it has to, but I'm gonna be real original and blame all the baby boomers who decided before their 30th birthdays that they never wanted to be surprised by an unfamiliar song on the radio again.

Shoutout to WRCT in Pittsburgh, a station than an FMU fan can listen to without earplugs!

alex tocaben

Just a quick correction: I listen to Indie Darkroom all the time and it IS a new streaming radio station, but it is also broadcast on the actual FM dial on 87.7 WNYZ in NYC. (8pm to 5am, m-thurs)

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