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April 04, 2010



I guess you haven't read "Betty White Hates Your Grandmother."

Satan Mayo



Great article, though I would argue one point.

"[I]t is arguable that she has spent more time on television than anyone else alive."

Two words: Paul Lynde.


Oh, wait... he's dead. As you were!

Niles Lesh

It arguable that Regis Philbin has logged the most TV hours, but Betty has always been funnier. When she and Bea Arthur traded lines it was like a comedic timing 101 class


I believe Hugh Downs holds the record for most hours appearing on *network* TV. Mike Wallace has got to be up there, too. Dick Clark would have probably joined them without the stroke.


Nothing about Betty White's infamous naked playing card pose in her early days? Tsk... tsk...

Read more about that here:


Don't want to crush you Scott, but that was a Late Night gag.

Bob Paine

Betty White did a commercial with Hoagy Carmichael in the late 50's or early 60's, but I don't remember the product. All I recall is that he was playing a piano and addressed her as Miss Betty White. She walked up behind him, responding, "Well, Mr. Hoagy Carmichael......" I wonder if she might recall that.

Michael Powers

This isn't going to be of any special interest to anyone but it is kind of weird to say the least. My ex-wife looked exactly, and I mean almost precisely, like the early Betty White. We'd been talking about the resemblance to the older White for years then the first time we saw a clip of the young Betty White (I think she was playing Password with Jack Paar), we fell out of our chairs, the resemblance was so astonishing. For a moment, my wife thought she was looking into a black and white talking mirror. Imagine being married to a dead ringer for the young Betty White. (Warned you at the outset that it isn't interesting but at least it is bizarre.)

dean l fouts

sir,i have an old recording blank with wrighting on it that says (make believe) sung by johnny miller and betty white, could you tell me if this is a real recording of betty white. thanks

Clarke Stolpe

This is not a comment, but a question. I have been a fan of Betty White for most of my 66 years. Today I watched an old rerun of "Perry Mason," Episode #214 " The Case of The Scandulous Sculpter" In the court scene a witness named Mrs. Banks was questioned. I swear it had to be Betty playing this character. I waited patiently for the credits to run....No Mrs Banks was shown in the credits. This was aired in 1964 and Betty would have been quite well known at this time also and I am aware that some well known actors occasionally don't wish to be listed in the credits.
The actress looked like, sounded like and had those cute little quikes we all love about her. Does anyone know if it was her?

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