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April 29, 2010



Thanks for the Clowes post. That third cartoon is very moving.


Welcome to an FMU'ers life.


I was mad for Clowes' work back in the peak days of EIGHTBALL, but I find it hard to muster enthusiasm for it now. These excerpts you've posted are intriguing and enjoyable, and suggest the whole book might be well worth reading. I found DAVID BORING, uh, boring, though, and Clowes' drawing style has devolved into a dull semi-illustrative style that seems imitative of Adrian Tomine, a cartoonist I always considered imitative (in his mature drawing style) of Clowes, (at his least cartoony). I wish Clowes would find a way to reinvigorate his drawing with the graphic boldness of his best work from EIGHTBALL, as his current drawings are soporific, and do not invite a second look, or even a sustained first look.

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