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April 13, 2010



Before you go idealising an imagined post-racial utopia in Holland, you might want to look up Zwarte Piet. He's ubiquitous in November - a golliwog in every shop window.


I thought so definitely I heard some caribbean spanish in there as well. Many Dominicanos in Bijlmer too

dave quam

I really think that the socioeconomic problems of Bijmer is a much bigger problem than Zwarte Piet, and I don't see anything here about a post-racial utopia.

I am constantly impressed by a lot of the hip-hop out there, some of the production is nuts! This one sounds like grime, I don't have much that sounds like this, more bubbeling sounding stuff. Some groups even speak four languages if you could include the occasional English phrases.

Something I've been thinking about lately and I'm really glad you brought this up, is the differences between the Antilles and Suriname, and the immigrants/diasporas meeting in Bijmer.

There is so much going on here

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