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May 13, 2010



More of that Albert Gimenez, Please! Less Mirth tho, for how many Annie Haslams can the earth legitimately support?

Kurt Williams

Chris Sefalas reminds me of Ween with that oddly-pitched voice of his. The Martine M song sounds oddly ahead of its time as well.


I think I once had the issue of Galaxy or Astounding with the mechanical woman's picture. It contained a PKD short story.
I no longer have it, indicative of a long term pattern of failure as an entertainment consumer on my part.


Tony, I've been really digging your presence here on BoTB; the music, the jpegs, your humor and whole approach to the posts are all refreshingly unconventional. I also like that Northwind record; I thought we had that one in the library, or used to....


That Martine M. track led me to pull out all my old Family Fodder ...thanks!


The Martine M track is amazing

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