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May 17, 2010



I was there. It was amazing. Titfield Thunderbolt was a favorite. Once, a member was in Baltimore and phoned in his parts - the phone mounted on a mic stand. They opened for a really big national act and the keyboard player used live lobsters to plunk away at the keys. Heaven.


Geoff Travis was travelling through the States prior - I think - to launching Rough Trade Records in 1978. "The Doppler Shift" eerily predates Cabaret Voltaire's "Seconds Too Late", released on RT in 1981.

Of course. The locked groove might just be entirely coincidental.

Nice piece, Jason. Both here and on FMA.

B. Brown

I'm on my way by train from Glasgow to London and found this blog, most interesting listen! I was wondering, is Richmond, Va still the Capital of the Confederate States?


Vince D. Phillips

I still have Artifacts Vol. 1, somewhere . . . has it really been that long? I'm grateful for the years of vocal experience I had at WJRB. --VDP


Thanks for this post, Jason!


I saw the record test when I was 17-18 and bought it , I still have it and it's in great shape, I was always afraid to play it for it's on a very flimsy floppy piece of plastic, similar to something off of a cereal box but more like a record you would have gotten inside a national geographic , very thin flexible plastic, You would not believe the thrill it gave me that this treasure has been found elsewhere , I thought I was all alone in the world in liking this , my personal favorite '38 angry tigers'

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