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May 12, 2010



Some additional finds

Holy grail of afrofunk:

Iraqi gem:

holland oats

blacfoot link dead?


For the Blackfoot, use the new link in the comments. (choose the Deposit Files option).

holland oats

ah worked thnx

El Lobo

I've owned the Yellow Pills discs for awhile, great stuff. I hope this does not indicate hard times at Numero, a truly great label. Also, always fun to hear the great Keith Mansfield. "All You Need is Keith" is well worth searching for.

michael C

great to hear the Speedies "you need pop" on yellow pills...


Anybody know why the RSS feed isn't working anymore?


Thanks for the crazy holywarbles blog link Icastico! That place is gonzo. Seems like it must be just a few weeks old and it already probably deserves an entire feature of MtAM. Very entertaining & valuable new blog. Thanks again

El Lobo

Wow, you're right about holywarbles. I gotta leave for work in a few minutes, but I feel like calling in sick and spending the entire night there. What an amazing blog.

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