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May 18, 2010


Tommy Z

In one way, this is an awesome post. How cool to hear these rare recordings of a young Ronnie James. On the other hand, the smug tone of the posting makes me cringe.


Incredible! As a senior, he was a member of the slide rule club? And class president? Little Richie Cunningham, what did the 70's do to you???


I had spent less than five seconds in my life thinking about Dio until I heard he was 67 when he died. I thought, that puts him in a totally different generation.....and along comes Dave The Spazz with context to burn. (or, context to BURN!!!!)


I'm not going to be able to listen to these until tomorrow afternoon. One thing you can say about the more familiar stuff from this guy is that he controlled his voice better than some folks control their TV. These older tracks should support my hypothesis that he was never just the guy with the practice space, P/A, van and microphone, who *ahem* just sang the guitar lines.


My favorite Dio stint was when he sat in w/ the Sea Monkeys for "Everything's Archie"! It inspired a 180 degree turnabout in Jughead's Food Emporium scene that is just now culminating in this Archie/Twilight crossover story arc:


Rory Murray

Although short in stature, Dio had the voice and heart of a giant! I've seen him in most of his later incarnations. And when my wife and I were lucky enough to meet him in Yucaipa,CA 10 years ago, he was very kind. He invited us on his tour bus. Signed our tickets. Gave me a T-Shirt and my wife a hug! His generousity is also evidenced in the LP and Video of "HEAR 'N AID", formed by the Heavy Meatal community after they were excluded by the folks at "We Are The World". The resulting song, STARS, features some of Metal's finest. Check it out, if you can.


Despite how constrained he allowed himself to be by genre he really could have done about anything with his voice.


@Tommy Z: From what I'm told, Dio was a good guy with a self-effacing sense of humor. I genuinely like these early 45s and this was my backhanded way of paying tribute to an acknowledged legend. I hope that somewhat diffuses what you perceive to be smugness on my part.

@Dead Bob! How the hell are ya? I wrote about you here:

Bill Luther

Who knew?! I'm blown away that he was from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I lived across the river in Kittery, Maine from '68-'71. What a dull place it must've been in the early 60's because it was truly squaresville going back there throughout the 70's.

Mr. Jones

Thank you Mr. Spazz!

Tommy Z

Hi Dave. I should have left the last sentence off my comment. This is a really great posting, with interesting information and not just platitudes.


Thanks Dave! This is exactly the stuff I was curious to hear and you put it all in one place! thanks!!

That Guy

This is so cool. Thank you. For the record, while Dio was born in NH, his family moved to Cortland, NY, when he was very young and that is where he was when he recorded the above songs. Sorry to nitpick. I live in Cortland. The fact that Dio grew up here is one of the coolest things about the place.
This is my favorite line from Dio's Wikipedia entry: "His parents raised him in the Roman Catholic church, an experience he found unsatisfactory."

Tom Hotchkin

My Favorite Dio #:


Why not post the entire live album.


I've been a huge fan of Dio's music for 30years. I knew about his pre-Elf music, but until today have never heard it. Also- that yearbook photo is a pleasant shock. Thank you immensly for sharing this with us. \m/


WHAT! HOLY SHIT! I saw his school photo and this came up!

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