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June 23, 2010



And don't forget his puppet sidekick Little Frank! Guess he'll have to go solo now...

Michael Anderson

What else can be said? Frank Sidebottom was really fantastic.

You know he was. He really was.


Frank had a resident spot on the short-lived Channel 4 gameshow "Remote Control" in the early 90's.

This show was also hosted by Anthony H. Wilson of Factory Records fame.

At school, we talked about nowt else but Timperley's finest export.

power sherlock

When I look at his self-portrait on here I don't know whether to laugh or cry:

Both probably. The world needs more Frank Sidebottoms...

Colin The Culture Hunter

I saw Frank a few times and I am pleased to say he never failed to make me feel happy. Is anyone looking at this page one of the audience at Wembley Stadium when he supported Bros?

The Spike Milligan thing had a similar effect on me too- I agree with your sentiments completely Ergo Phizmizz

I wonder if it will do the same to others nowadays?


And don't forget amoeba Frank, little Frank's little Frank.
To those who have heard of him, Frank Sidebottom was either a genius or completely crap. Had the pleasure of seeing him live a good 20 years ago as a student. Brilliant.


ps. Jon Ronson's article about him is a classic

Ronson started an appeal to give Chris (Frank) a proper burial and it raised £20,000 in a couple of days. Good on yer Jon!

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