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June 24, 2010





This is Alex the drummer's mom, Betsy! This blog came to me from Ryan's mom, Robin, who has been finding all kinds of great nuggets of information and sharing with me along our son's european journey.

This blog really means a lot to me and I am so touched and lost for words that a big radio station clear across the US and important enough to cover music festivals in Europe, cared so much about my feelings that you made mention of my comment.

You are now my favorite radio station. I'm well pleased with your review of the Ganglians. They are special. Ryan's Mom and I know that because we raised two of the members. They are well loved by so many folks in Sacramento, and known for their kindness...Ganglians will never be so big that they won't take a moment to be real and speak with their friends, family and fans.

WFMU, You Rock!


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