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June 16, 2010


Brian C.

Well if Johnny Cash can steal "Folsom Prison Blues" from Gordon Jenkins, I guess this Price fella can steal "San Quentin" from Cash.


The "song" by Mr. Price is 2:40, which is sort of like 4:20.


So, in "Box of Grass," Jeanne was using "the spike" before she was using "smack?" What was she using the hypodermic needle for before she got the smack? Isn't "works" an oven cleaner?

Kip W

I've certainly seen the light. Which way to the liquor store?

Kegan Mahon

If at all possible, I would certainly love to get the flipsides to any of these if you had them, please. I'm a sucker for the obscure country corn-pone.

That being said, it sounds wike our fwiend mistew Sunshine has a bit of a lisp, don't ya think?


of course, the ultimate anti-drug song is "Smoke It - The Pot":

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