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June 27, 2010



Absolutely fascinating post, as usual. Any thoughts on the Catherine O'Hara character "Dusty Towne" on SCTV? As in: Was she intended as a direct send-up of Rusty Warren, or just a broader take on "bawdy" Vegas women comedians? Did Rusty know about the character? Was she offended? flattered? And what is your take on the send-up, knowing what you do about the work, reputation, & challenges faced by Rusty Warren (Qs directed toward Kliph but obviously open to all).
Thanks again for sharing buckets upon buckets of mid-century pop culture knowledge.

Kent Geek

Thanks again, Kliph. My childhood chums and I found some of Rusty's LPs in a collection somewhere long ago and were surprised at how tame they were. I'm very happy to know that she's doing well.

Juan Escalante

I love these articles. Keep 'em coming!

Prof. Grewbeard

can't wait to read this(to comment), love all her records! they're easy to find in Houston...

Michael Powers

I"d completely forgotten about Rusty Warren and am extremely happy to be reminded of her. A friend took me to see Chelsea Handler at Radio City Music Hall recently and I think that, given the same opportunity in her day, Warren would've torn that venue apart. I'm relieved that her story apparently ends happily, an almost unique occurrence among real comedy trail-blazers. By the way, you mentioned her appearance on Dick Cavett's show, and this week Cavett posted a superb column on his NY Times site about Arthur Godfrey, undoubtedly the most prominent television and radio personality of the '50s.

Biddie B

This may be my favorite article you've done thus far. Well done Kliph!

We Willy

Another great article Kliph and on the subject of knockers could we suggest that you favour us with something about early 50s TV comedienne Dagmar, who lent her name to both the Korean war era 40mm anti-tank gun and the bullet shaped bumper guards found on many GM cars of the mid 50s.


About bra burning:


Another great read Kliph!

The trailer for "Party Girls For The Candidate" can be seen in this YouTube clip (around the 1:55 mark):

Fritzi Ritz

how could you mrs. dinky?


I passed the great story on to Rusty Warren. I live with her in Hawaii. Check out her website...Rusty She burns her CD's and will personally autograph them for you.

Richard Scogins

I have to thank you - this is probably the most complete history of Rusty Warren (with all the drama) that we coud get of her professional life these days without the problems. Thanks so very much!

Thomas R. Garr

It was October 3, 1963, some place in the Detroit area, I took my best friend to see Rusty Warren at a club, it was his 21st birthday. We got a stage side table, had a few drinks and enjoyed the show very much. Years and years passed, and I was crusing the e-bay listings, just for fun. I came across an album by Rusty Warren, Knockers Up!... Memories flooded my mind, and I started looking up' info, and found this page. Thanks so much for posting it. Over the years I've learned to play (bang) the piano, and now and then I find myself singing 'This is #1 ...' Thanks Rusty. and...I had to buy the record on e-bay, even though I don't have anything to play it on.

Carolyn J. McSherry

Hi Rusty. Oh, I loved your records! Many parties brought laughter to all the couples.....most of them from Milton, MA. When I walked to school with you, I never realized your real talent. Now as I organize the MHS Class of 1948's 65th reunion. events of the past come to focus. I lived on Decker St, just across from Warren Ave. Names such as Eleanor Flett, Harrit Hoffman, Alta Porter, Joan Christensen, Penn Westman may sound familiar to you. I am Carolyn (McGrath) McSherry, but you probably do not remember me. Sure wish you lived nearer as I would invite you to our luncheon reunion in September. May you have continued success in your endeavors. Carolyn

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