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June 06, 2010



Aces. One always enjoys a Nesteroff post. Thanks again.


The John Birch Society reverend sounds strangely like Alan Keyes. Any relation?

Mark from Pompton Plains

There's one more piece of this on YouTube from what I could find, and it kind of turns you off the Black Cat's Bone dude even more than you might have already been turned off. Must've been an incredible time to live through.


The guy with the shades is just as much a stereotype as the guy in with the tie. They both are a disgrace to humanity.
Do you really find this entertaining? Granted, the Joe Pyne show was not known for thoughtful discussions, but that guy simply could not quit shouting ( once he got started). If you know people like that in real life, you might not find that to be so amusing.


I'm ashamed I didn't call you out earlier for being racist


I need a little description before I'm going to sit through buffering.


Stereotypes, or paradigmatic? Shades man, wow. was he educated himself? This provided a crazy reminder of how much politics in media has changed. Its also an more evidence of how d list the right wing has always been with the talking points recitation. i appreciated the lashing stooge was taking. never seen political talk like that on tv before, but always wanted to. this transmits a very real feeling, with a natural, tempting crescendo.

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