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July 12, 2010



Looks like they're just ripping off Martin Arnolds experimental films to a less unsuccessful degree.


These are kind of lame... and come 10+ years too late to be of much interest.


It's pretty much youtube poops for bad 90s music videos instead of bad 90s video game cartoons. Which, of course, I dig. Any idea if Hot Air Balloon Ride is doing any more live alternablast shows anytime soon?


So the 90s kids hated alterna-rock as much as I did. Wow! That's news to me. Maybe they could've dug deeper into the past and heard all the groovy non-suck stuff I listened to as an 80s kid. Lol... Maybe then 'modern music' wouldn't continue to suck today. Can't wait to read about the botanicas.

Die Organizer

I agree!!! Only the first and original person to approach an idea deserves to be enjoyed. David Bowie being the PERFECT example. Good times and banishing the demons of youth, belong only to those with seminal thought. All others should accept their Kafka in 1984 fates with open arms and willingness in their hearts.


Really into the Grease one, especially from around 00:50 to 01:20. Transcendental!

Original Thinker

I agree!!! Only the first I agree!!! and original original original person to approach an idea deserves Only the first first first and original person deserves to be to be enjoyed deserves to be enjoyed. I agree!!! Only the first and original original person deserves to be enjoyed. Only the first deserves to be and deserves to be enjoyed. Only I agree!!! the original to approach a person deserves first to be enjoyed. original person to be enjoyed. Only the first deserves seminal thought


this wasn't a good idea when i did it eight years ago.


+ Tim and Eric and DJ Screw


I need to make an apology, being new to TypePad I was messing around in the CMS and somehow erased the original six comments. They are below the first two at the top.

As far as the comments go, Original Thinker's TextBlast of Die Organizers was a highlight, and Alan, yes, that part of the Grease Blast is indeed transcendental. To the people that pointed out that they are lame, they are rip offs, they aren't a good idea, nobody is going to argue with you about this.


Which is I guess the point, Steve. But wouldn't one have been enough? For my money, Vowel Movement would be that one. Makes the point, and is a clever revelation.

I found the telecult blog and associated links most curious; are people really interested in this stuff now? Remarkable.


@K., yeah, Vowel Movement is my favorite too, but the others have their charms. Thanks for checking out the Temple of Pei (telecult) blog but not sure what you mean about if people are interested in this stuff now?


Oh, just that the whole OTO/Golden Dawn thing is something I associate with the geriatric set. By that I mean, my discussions about the subject are largely limited to my friends over 60. I do remember in the 90's there was a resurgence of interest in this material. Perhaps now the same?

Ultimately that kind of magick is about manipulating people and social spaces. When I think about the people today who most exemplify the methods and practices, I think about people like Frank Luntz and Rush Limbaugh. Not that these people are in the OTO ( although I wouldn't at all be surprised to find them there ), but that they have really advanced and refined the methods of programming other people. When you reach that understanding, you may or may not find your interest wane in the subject, depending on your nature. For me, I get a lot more out of the physical/natural spaces than the social ones, so the hard sciences are much more attractive to me. Oddly enough, that little clip on your blog where Vaughn Bode talks about his Cheech Wizard being "a wizard but not like what you think; his magic is tricking people. Like how he gets all those broads, that must be magic" really nails the geist in the zeit.

Do post about your botanicas. I had a lot of fun checking those things out in Brooklyn when I lived there. I used to buy all the weirdest figurines as christmas presents for my wife. She incorporated many of them in her paintings to striking effect. The masturbating devils come immediately to mind, you know what I'm talking about yes?


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My 4 year-old just heard the "Grease" one playing and said "Conky 2000 ready to assist you PeeWee". So, I guess Paul Reubens deserves some credit?

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