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July 27, 2010


Listener bkd

You want to visit The Vigilant Citizen, and in particular, their blog, Vigilant Citizen Reports:


Walt was a Mason, so it doesn't seem that far off that "Dumbo", as well as "Fantasia", "Sleeping Beauty" and other Disney flicks have an occult meaning.
Then again, if one reads Joseph Campbell's "Hero With a thousand Faces" we learn that all stories tend to come from mythology.
Hell, George Lucas has admitted that the main mythological tale told throughout Campbell's book (the hero's journey, his self-discovery, and later triumph against dark forces) was used as the main plot in "Star Wars". So, it isn't just Disney, as it's almost everywhere.

Nate Pest Control Utah Guy

Off the topic- I've heard for years that there are supposed explicit phrases or images inserted into some Disney movies... such as the "take off your clothes" comment somewhere in Aladdin. Is that true?

Vince Evans

Super interesting. I am going to watch Dumbo, because last time I watched it(probably about 9 years old), I obviously was oblivious to any of these types of themes. Is there supposed to be underlying messages like this in all Disney movies?

Brian Turner

I was just at Disney World two weeks ago and I'm still coming to terms with how freaked out I got.


A156 makes a good point; when all you have is a hammer, everything tends to look like a nail. So there are some adepts here looking for initiation? Well, here's a piece of occult knowledge revealed for your amusement/edification.

Try to keep an open mind when you watch it, and follow the words of the instructress carefully ( sophia's words are slippery and some mental preparation is required to grasp the meaning and not fall back asleep ). Try to keep these thoughts in your head today as you go about your business. Realize that these unseen things are the prime driver of the living things you see around you. The fundamental reality of life is the machinery shown in this short clip.


Well, A156 made a point about Star Wars, and The Force is based in a Hindu concept. Yer man K presented a link to a really quite good movie about DNA, and both have their crossovers.
I wonder if humankind were to understand the forces that motivate him/her as a living entity, he/she would have read more, thought more, or just been more. Other than that, there is no escape from not getting a grip.
I often wondered about the crossover from technology to magic,like Arthur C.Clarke postulates - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Sometimes, technology is justing finding out what possiblities there are. The magic is just beyond what we presently have proven, no?

Comic Dork Bob

Pretty sure that Lucas got the idea for the force from Jack Kirby's New Gods, but there it was called "The Source."


To soulboyluis: I am not sure that using the word "humankind", the sentence "he/she would have read more, thought more, or just been more", your stupid pseudo-hypnotizing picture can give you the place on the mountain of knowledge.
Through your words, your picture are the vanity of knowledge and power only.You are thousands on internet to use the same "magik" of power, thousands and more!
The only thing I can see through your words it is you want to dominate.It is a wrong place...We are not enough slaves to keep all the thousands magik people on the mountain!
You are falling down down down:)


Cool video, K. Always listen when Sophia speaks. Caduceus?

Soulboylous, you may be interested in the book Vodou Quantum Leap by Reginald Crosley, a physician who grew up surrounded by houngans and mambos, he says that all the weird parts of new sciences (chaos theory, quantum mechanics, etc.) have already been mapped out in the vodou religion. Fun and informative.

Kind of bummed no wacked theories from people claiming that the movie House Party 2 is a thinly veiled explanation of what really happened to Anastasia Romanov or Three Amigos is the secret history of the American space program...

Arthur Castro

I don't know if you'd consider this hidden doctrine or not, but here's an essay I wrote (influenced by LSD) on 2001 A Space Odyssey and the famed Toynbee tiles, Arnold J. Toynbee, Resurrecting the dead on Jupiter and other related subjects.


Nice post.

A friend of mine wrote a piece on the occult significance of "Green Eggs and Ham" for a magazine I published a few years ago.

My personal (only half-joking) theory is that the Disney animators were on psychedelics and were heavily supervised, while the people at Warner Brothers were not supervised at all and were all drunks. This shows in the animation style and subject matter.

Arthur Castro

I agree with Spacebrother, the Disney team definately seem at times as if they were on psychedlics. Ofcourse we have Fantasia, Alice In Wonderland and Dumbo... there's also Winnie The Pooh's Blustery Day with The Heffalumps and Woozles dream sequence, and then Donald Duck's Peyote-esque ending in The Three Caballeros where his dreams of exotic Latin-cuties lulling him with ballads turns into a bad trip with murderous screams, guns blairing, demon-like bulls and an array of colors rapidly flashing on the screen before he explodes bringing "the end" credit up.

Speaking of Disney... this comic has been making the rounds comparing Inception with this older Disney comic:

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