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July 13, 2010



Fuckin' A! :)


So I remember in the 80s college radio used to get away with playing dirty stuff like the Stranglers' "Bring On the Nubiles". I'd like to see the day when you could play anything on the radio and not have to deal with all the censor-shit.


censorship sucks; but there's a lot more interesting things to say about our country and the oligarchy who have ruled it for the past 40 odd years. Especially now that the public coffers have been so badly looted by the aforementioned oligarchs. Saying fuck on the air is a lot like wearing a doo-rag in prison. You can take away all of a prisoners rights, but you don't take away the doo-rag. Or you do. Either way, it's the fig leaf. Make the fight about that, and you can do everything else with impunity. Time to wise up, marks.


How on earth can a people view themselves as free when there is an iron-fisted prohibition on the free use of the language? The modern world must scratch their heads in amazement when they consider the USA and it's dysfunctional, dark and repressive ways. On so many counts we are in company with the worst humanity has to offer, countries such as Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China and Iran.

As Grandpa Al Lewis said live on national network radio, FUCK CENSORSHIP! (and the oppressive sociopaths who impose it).



Huhu one day we will look back on this time and laugh.

bobo hoho

The three-pronged test the FCC is using was established by the Supreme Court in Miller v. California (1973). I think the test was designed to be a little vague.

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