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July 30, 2010



Girl groups Velvettes rule and Ronnie Spector's cameo made us drool. Dennis Coffey's Scorpio is the rappers delite. Spyder Turner impersonations made our heads 2nd take and danced 'just as good as he wants' (sounded as good as the original recording and not faked). Dr. Ikes after party was a trip with 'Fine Wine' on the 45 flip. More to be said on the big crowd and stellar attendees. So if Mitch Ryder shake a tailfeather doesn't inspire, you're probably in need of one of his wheels to get rid of your spare tire.


Where's the archive of this show? I want to hear Lost Straitjackets and Mitch Ryder.


Bill, I hate to have to break it to you, but Los Straitjackets were on a different day and the Mitch Ryder set was recorded for commercial release. And as for Ryder, you didn't miss much.

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