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July 23, 2010



thanks taraka, that 'dia' album is really something special, an album that gets better and better with deeper repeated listens. it'll be interesting to see how his new environment affects the music. (he's holed up somewhere in china now, right?) sacred bones can be kind of a trendy label, but they did put out something by the rebel, so more power to 'em.

Brian Turner

Yehhh! Taraka on ye masthead! Good way to end a week.


You guys know how old this guy is?


Wow. That's one hell of a write-up. "[... A] lone shivering structure of acoustic guitars and raw voices rendered tough by the sun and soft with rain, skeletal remains of a panopticon that sees all but suffers invisibly"? I'm looking forward to POSSESSED POP: THE NOVEL.

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