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July 01, 2010



last one is flamin groovies "dog meat"


What, no love for Gary Numan??? Come on, fess up now.


Thanks Gloppin, email me at scott at wfmu dot org and we'll arrange for your sticker delivery.


Thanks for posting this stream... it's super duper!

Track 5 is an old Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers song called "I Want You to Be My Girl", Georgia-ized to "I Want You to Be My Boy."

#11, no frickin' idea...


Thanks Zoroaestres! Do what I told Gloppin to do and I'll hook you up with your winnings.

Smog Vomit

Isn't Baskets of Love actually Frenzy (The Fugs)?

Robert Manfred

I never got those crazy Yo La Tengo kids. all their records sound like poor versions of someone else's....
Their best record is Facebook, it's all covers!
I think they're like a Yank version of Scotland's The Pastels, is that fair?
Always promising more, but ultimately not very satisfying musically.


Hmmm, I suppose that's fair enough Robert Manfred - I say as a fan of both bands. I might put it a different way: unquestionably YLT wear their influences boldly- their obsessive music-fandom is a pretty defining characteristic of their band. As for promising more than they give, I'd also qualify that as a good thing. Keeps the complacency away, no? And ultimately I do find them satisfying; they do play plenty of games w/ nods and references for the music geeks among us to point at and feel self-satisfied in our geekiness, but more importantly they successfully assimilate everything into a whole identity that's honest, human, and way beyond pastiche.

alessandra luvisotto

i loves that you guys used my picture! so very proud! =)

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Their story is told elsewhere, and often with entertaining attempts at figuring out the true identities of these masked pottymouths.

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