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July 30, 2010



ETA on 2.1 for Android? I'm especially looking forward to scrobbling, as has turned on me for the worse, just recently. Downloadability is great too, as I commute.

Hornet Montana

If these are already on there, forgiveness is asked for in advance:

• profile pages for all the DJs (perhaps using images and text from the trading cards)
• a mini-app of an image of Andy Breckman where, when you poke his stomach, random audio of him saying "ow!", among other more curmudgeonly things, is played (maybe even accompanied by an animation of a reaction)
• a mini-app of an image of Glen Jones and X-Ray standing in white Apple-space looking out at the user, where if you touch Glen, a brief audio clip of him plays (same goes for X-Ray). Therefore, you can create your own feux, lame or surreal conversations. Not to belabour, but...Glen "Well, hello there." X-Ray: "Oh, absolutely!" Glen: "Remember that time at Aldo's?" X-Ray: "Not on your life!" Glen: "Ah, Asbury Park." X-Ray: "Come on, bro."

We're counting on you.

WebHamster Henry

Re Andy: under 4.0, you can run the Andymatic Zingatron on top of other playing audio.
Or at least it does for me. I may have to submit an update to the App Store.

Also, this WFMU Radio app update is great, and I had nothing to do with it.
-- Apphamster Henry


I think v2.1 could use a stop button rather than a pause button for streaming. Thanks to iOS 4's new multitasking capability, if you pause streaming and "close" the app using the home button, it remains running in the background, which is a good thing if that's what you want it to do. But to get it to stop, I have to double-click the home button, touch-and-hold the WFMU app multitasking icon until it starts wiggling, and touch the red "delete" icon. Or am I missing something.


I will purchase a Palm Pre WFMU app. Pleeeease...




@pilutik - we are working on an update to our Android app. We're hoping it will be ready later this fall.

@Jim Thanks for the feedback. We will likely add a stop button in a future release.

@John We wish we could have apps available for every mobile platform but its just not possible. Keep in mind that we are a non-profit so resources are pretty limited.


This is incredible but scrobbling would be like a dream.


Thanks, Doron. Terrific job with the app.


Thanks Doron. Appreciated the response.


Great Job, team! Don't forget to consider a 'Donate' button (if Apple allows it).


Enjoy your walled garden, iphonies.

BTW thanks to the EFF's lobbying efforts, it's legal to jailbreak your phones.
Liberate your devices now!

Michael Netsch

Do you support scrobbling via other means than the iPhone? I'm tired of submitting tracks that I hear on WFMU manually.

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J'adore le concept que je ne connaissai pas.

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