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August 19, 2010



Tony! Even your "lazy" posts are so great. Where most music nerds talk about obscure bands of some genre, you talk about entirely different genres than anybody else! Who else is talking about the glory of outsider Christian psych? You're the king of this stuff!


my favorite part of this blog!



Fortnights don't come often enough!


Great post as always. Thank you so much for your work.

Dale Hazelton

I like the Chris Neal track. Enough to Google him. And I see a listing for a 'Winds of Isis' album on the Planet Mellotron site. Now to ask the obvious - do you have that record for a sampling in the future?

Tony Coulter

Thanks for the nice comments, everybody! Dale: No, I don't have that other Chris Neal album, unfortunately -- would like to hear it myself....

Is "Alice in Blunderland" the anti-nuclear (I mean the anti-FAIRY DUST) musical? If so, I was in a production of that in college. I think we freaked a few parents out when we performed it at day care centers. I'd love to find a copy of that album.

Tony Coulter

Yep -- "Alice in Blunderland" is indeed an anti-nuclear musical -- so it must be the one you were in. Interesting!

Devorah Segall

How cool to find this! I was in "Festival"- would love to hear more songs from it. Is it possible?
Thanks- Devorah Segall (Eurydice)

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