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August 04, 2010


Just john Just john

By the way, on another Beatles shorty, "Her Majesty," Chumbawumba was kind enough to complete it. (It's posted on their official site,


Doesn't really apply here, as there is no length to juxtapose against, but I've always liked Michael Nyman's 89-90-91-92 off Morgan Fisher's "Miniatures". Scrambled ggem-zen.


Zacharius the noble and learned, as I read it I imagined you speaking it, this illusion brought a flutter of joy and a gilded feather of happiness upon my brow. Besmirch thy daffodils and hearken upon ye mad zephyrs once again!


I'm glad to see Neil's "cripple creek ferry". As a teen i played that short song over and over, somehow wanting it to last longer. Another is "Yours and Mine", a beautiful quiet moment at the end of Fountains of Wayne's underated pop collection "Welcome Interstate Mangers".


My nomination is "Heart Failure" by Deerhoof.

From their "Apple O" album. It's one minute and thirty seconds long, but feels a lot more satisfying and complete than many songs which are twice as long. Or three times as long. A very well-structured one minute and thirty seconds.

Zacharius Hay

Thanks to everyone who has commented; I have been out of town and have had little internet access. I will listen to all of your finds when I return home next week.

Two more related additions:

CAN - Pnoom (Delay 1968). 26 seconds of wonder.

Speaking of Can, Ghost's Masaki Batoh's version of "Yoo Doo Right," originally a vinyl sidelong piece condensed into 2 minutes or so is an amazing thing. You can find his version on the "Collected Works" CD\LP released by Drag City in 2004.

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