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August 11, 2010



Why are there no pictures of said "hot pants"? And what in the hell is a "Dink Ringo", anyway?

Listener Greg G.

KR - I've amended that with a photo in the upper right corner of the post. As for "what's a Dink Ringo" all I can say is that it breaks my heart that I couldn't find the 45 for label scanning purposes so that you could see I didn't make it up. I gotta get organized.


What, no "Who Wears Short Shorts"?


Don't forget the song-poem trilogy sung by Dick Kent: "Hot Pants" (available on The Human Breakdown of Absurdity), "Hot Pants Plus" and (with the Lancelots) the anthemic "Hot Pants and Leather Boots that Shine"

gene sculatti

The pants are prominently mentioned as well in Dick Curless' "Chick Inspector."


Aaaah, damn you....! I read some of the irritating article you linked to! I love James Brown, but that was written by a total muppet... and reaffirming my loathing of music journalism wasn't on toady's "to do" list...

However, wicked tuneage! I am instanly mollified

I think KR's point still stands, though: "a picture of hot pants" implies to me a photograph of two shapely buttocks plus a little bit of back and thigh. Maybe I just have a bad mind.

BTW, there's a possible answer to KR's question if we defne the words! In "Planet: Earth" a dink was a de-testosteroned male slave... and Ringo (as well as being everybody's favourite drummer) is also the Japanese word for apple, so... well... okay maybe not.


Greg, just curious: Loved the Dick Cooper song, especially. What a hoot. Did you happen to edit it for content, or was it that way on the disc?


Marc - no edits for content were done, it's that way on the record. Glad you liked it.

Greg G.

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