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August 08, 2010


---"...I have not heard all of Nordine's recordings, so I don't know how much of this speech may contain elements of things he later released..."---

I've heard Nordine do the "I'm Double" riff in 1-SetUp(MP3) several times on his NPR WordJazz show---It's one his favorite shticks.


WOW! Uncirculated, unreleased Ken Nordine? This is bigger than lost books of The Bible. I always dig Nordine & always have & always will. Thanx for sharing this auditory relic with the world.


We've been shooting a feature-length film on Ken for a number of years now. A Word Jazz work of love... I grew up with his sons, so you might say this is an insider's tribute. Ken by the way, is still going full speed ahead at 90!


Hello! Just an FYI, Voice and Vision, INC was open at least in 1955 at 53 E. Walton, Chicago 11, phone # WH3-1166. I have in my possession a catalog issued by the store of items available for order. The back cover has a panoramic photo of the storefront.

I also have some 3-D images of a listening event at the store- not sure of the actual date- I'll need to check the item(s) promoted and see when it was released. However, I don't think the event in question was a one-off. The Ken Nordine event may be one of these listening events.

Hope this information is of help!

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