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August 25, 2010



Are there any clues for the password of the A.V.R.O. Dansorkest download? That would be great and at least helpful. Thanks so far

Doug Schulkind

Oops, forgot to include the password. I have now added it ("mza-acid") above. Thanks for alerting me to the missing info.


I hope no one gets upset with me over this. I totally understand that these blog owners are paying money to these services in order to exspose everyone to all of this fantastic art. I my self have donated to a few of the sites that I've frequented, and maintain a rapidshare account. (I think it was this huge collection of Ancient Chinese music that pushed me over the edge into "I suppose I'll pay for the convenience" land.

Having prefaced myself, with the utmost humility I want to put it out there that megaupload,, and filefactory are all complete garbage, and if it were possible to poop on a web page, I would do so often upon these,, and with great gusto.

With absolutely no snark intended, why have bloggers chosen these services over the likes of media fire or even rapidshare (which still has the annoying "wait 60 seconds, but at least plays nice with download them all)? I'm particularly interested as I have been digitzing my LP's and am considering starting up a blog of my own.

Keep up the good work everyone


Doug, the password works, now everything is fine. And it´s great music, great versions. Thanks for searching the net, and finding gems like this

@ Monkeyboy: I am not upset about your favored location for getting rid of whatever but if it´s important to you to tell the world about it please explain why. Because I´m getting upset about people just complaining but not explaining.

And, with Rapidshare you have to wait 15 minutes for the second download if you are a free user. That´s what annoys me, so I prefer MF or MU.

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Troy, could you correct the inaccuracies for us?

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