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August 26, 2010


Brian Turner

Great post! Look fwd to more in the future...


Very nice post! Thank you for it...

Christopher Atwood

Interesting collection...
(I remember seeing Port Said at The Pyramid Club in NYC--it must have been early 1983.)

Jessi Hance

Port Said and David Hykes' Harmonic Choir didn't just lead me, they swept me off my feet. Thank you!

Zacharius Hay

Thank you for your comments; I am glad you enjoyed them.

Christopher, do you recall how the show was? I would be curious to hear whatever you could tell me about it.

Amazing post, thanks!

Also, Georgia Kelly did an album or two with Steven Halpern (file under: 'New Age Without Shame'), but after hearing this track, think I'd stick to her solo stuff. Again, so much musical goodness in this post.


I just had to track down the Gail Laughton album. It's absolutely great.


Love this album! Thanks for sharing!

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