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September 27, 2010


just john

For a long time, I wondered about something in his "Discover America" album package, and two years ago, I finally got the nerve to email him:

"Ever since the mid-1970s, I've puzzled over the "Space Available" section
of the liner notes from your "Discover America" album. You may recall how
intense some of us fans' interpretations of album ephemera would get under
various influences.

Well, when I re-visited it in the 1990s, my amazement grew.

Do you realize what's written is also a description of how packet
switching happens in computer networks, a set of protocols which is the
basis for the Internet?

And then there's the "computer font" of "Space Available," which adds to
the wonderment.

So I'll answer the question posed: Yes, there's somebody out here. ..."

his reply:

"I just reviewed the print you cite--
I wrote that article. I chose the type
face. I meant every word of it.
In fact, I still hold to its emphases.
I expected the critical abbatoire, but
was determined to hold my own--
if they took everything but my last squeal. I used that precious space
to say something that I felt needed saying.
Raw competition doesn't always produce the finest results, and in
some matters, is totally nihilistic.
The bat caves I visited in Trinidad
inspired the focus.

As for your (somewhat belated)
remarks, I'm amazed that you remember this passage, and it
makes me feel validated in my
effort---so gratified that this positive
brings the yield to more than zero!"

Alex Goldstein

that's a amazing, John!

just john

I tried to get him to contact Hellpope Huey, even tho HH was a synth composer, because both seemed to have roots in the music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

Me, I've swiped shamelessly from VDP, including the lyrics-masquerading-as-liner-notes of Song Cycle that I have on my Ayatollah of Understatement. My cover was deliberatly Neon Park-ish, too.

(WFMU may still have a copy.)

دردشة عراقية

thank u man

john ttegguls

thank you for the brilliant broadcast from spain. new fabulous material, even.
@just john: i was just reading those mysterious and puzzling notes from discover america yesterday. I am still delightfully dazed by them 37 years later. we are out here, and in, apparently, ever growing numbers.

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