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September 28, 2010


Monkey Pi

I sent off to that address and had to move three times before the tracts stopped coming.


Hard to imagine today that the only way to connect with weirdos around the country was via the US mail. Hand printed missives were so much more charming than the html blink tag. I tended to focus on the more iconoclastic mailers; tracts were a dime a pound and any trip to a public restroom could produce enough for whatever made you want to look at the things to begin with. I remember one tense trip back across the US border from Canada; we had a _lot_ of trouble crossing into Canada ( as in car searched, bend over and cough trouble ) and we figured every advantage was going to be needed crossing back. At every restroom along the way I'd cast the net and dump the catch on the dashboard of our rented van. Imagine our surprise when we hit the bridge; one old man at the checkpoint, "did ya like the festival? Yup! OK, welcome back!". I don't think he even noticed the tracts. Or maybe he did? That's the power of Jesus Christ folks, and don't forget it.


Sweet post! I really dig the (anti)Halloween-themed tracts! Twenty odd years ago, I also was one of those miscreants! Here is a tale I once heard in the store:

Wild Man Fischer just shows up in Cleveland out of the blue in hopes a record store will host an in-store with him. There were no takers so he is left wandering the streets in downtown. Mark and a pal are driving about town, spot him and ...ask him what is up. He tells of the failed attempt at a record store thing. He wants to get to the offices Warner Brothers (or whatever record label handled the distro of Bizarre at the time - remember, there was a time when every major record co. had an office in downtown Cleveland) so he can get cash for a bus ticket back to California. They offer to give him a lift to the office. He proceeds to get gooned out by something or other and grabs the steering wheel of the car - they nearly wreck. They stop and ask him to leave the he got back to California is a mystery...


This one can still be had on Myrtle Avenue in RIDGEWOOD every Saturday:
I was handed 3 or so over the past summer.

Nat're moving to New Orleans? Really?


O.K. KEEEDZ. Class is now in session. The Wild Man Fischer tale was fairly spot on , though you left out the part about his strangeness at the former Kucinich hangout at Tony's diner at west 117th and Lorain and the waitresses reaction with her deftly aimed pitcher of water. Thanks for the kind words , and I trust that you will now order some books from [email protected]. We live and breathe. Tales and stories are available on olderiestreetbooks @ We also have mucho Northern soul , psyche , and jazz 45 and lp's for sale so send us your wants. Best wishes, Mark Stueve Old Erie Street Book Store . still happening at 2128 East Ninth Street Cleveland Ohio 44115

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