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September 16, 2010



WOW. Please - somehow - post that whole Tim Mills album!

Johnny Drongo

Gospel Ship?


Very entertaining, thanks Tony.


@Drongo: Arguably better than "Gospel Surface to Air Missile".


That Sykes Memorial Band track would make good bumper music, or perhaps a show theme on FMU-- somebody should record a cart with it (do they still use carts in radio anymore?)

DJ ManRich

Brilliantly hideous album covers!
Also, enjoyed your set on Dr. Zomb's show last night.


"Homework" = wow! Is the whole album that bonkers?

Tony Coulter

MrFab: "Homework" is my favorite cut, but there are other gems on there. DJ ManRich: Glad you enjoyed the KBOO set!


Some comments:

Sharron and Gale: Shouldn't that be "Our Song"?

"The Brick": So that's what that whole stoning thing is about, showing God's love, not a form of punishment!

"The Gospel Ship": I guess a surface to air missile has that much more impact than a brick.

"Do the Homework": I thought maybe it was supposed to be a new dance craze: "Get out your pen and paper everybody, it's time to do the homework! You take 2+2, it gives you 4, take 3+3 and add some more . . . " It's probably on a Sesame Street LP.

fun stuff!



Ich verliebe mich die Mencke! Und die schoene Anar auch.


Tony Coulter on KBOO? Tell me more - what show, when again, how do we learn about upcoming shows, is it archived?

Tony Coulter

Kay: I was on Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura for a hour, as a guest (thanks Dr. Zomb!) -- not sure when/if I'll be on again. There's no archive, unfortunately (KBOO doesn't archive music shows). Haven't yet worked out a way to announce upcoming shows, should there be any. Thanks for asking, though!

Tony Coulter

Update: Thanks to a super-kind KBOO listener, the show Tom Jones and I did at KBOO two weeks ago is now available here:

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