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September 05, 2010


Kip W

I heard somebody like him talking about how his communist captors kept the prisoners informing on each other for the slightest infraction. He said something like, "Informing is the lowest possible activity human beings can engage in." That was in the 70s, and I said Amen to that.

Walter Brennan

Yes what an odd little munchin of a man Mr Hunter sounds. He seems to get more munchin-like the more the interview progresses.

Interesting listen. Interesting too about the Afghanistan bit he mentions.

Gary Pansey

Thanks for posting. I am reading three of his books now.
He was very interesting!!!

His comments about what a real newsperson does versus
"press management" are important!

The Chinese communists sent me computer viruses for over 5 years when they found out that I expose slave labor atrocities like Organ Harvesting from Live Political Prisoners.

Thanks again!
Gary in FL

Maria Aliberti Lubertazzi

Whoa. Bob Purse, how can I get in touch with you??? This was the 2nd link that came up when I googled "brainwashing edward hunter", having found a reel-to-reel of my grandfather's (1897-1979) that has, among other things, ""Brain Washing" - Edward Hunter, Port Washington, L.I., New York.", written on the box (and based on the other things, it appears that this is 1960). LOTS more to explain here, but I'll need to get in touch with you, if you are interested... And also...are you interested in more reel-to-reel tapes, especially with dramatic, far-right politics involved? I'm having a fascinating time with Grandpa's tapes, etc.

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