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September 20, 2010



I think there was a reason given for the reanimation of corpses in Night of the Living Dead. Something to do with possible radiation from an exploding satellite, if I recall. Pretty vague, and said by a sheriff or something on TV.

In 1968, I didn't care. That movie scared the hell out of me. Couldn't go near a cemetery for years!


14+ minutes of zombie flick is about all I can take. The times in my life I've been unfortunate enough to be in actual danger don't scare me as much. I think you hit upon it in the lead sentence, there is something uncanny. For me these movies won't stop being scary until people in real life stop behaving like jackasses and creating risk where no good can come from it.

Kurt Gottschalk

hey dark -

yeah, there's a scene in notl where there are experts on tv arguing about the cause of the dead coming back to life, and the satellite thing is one of them. my favorite speculation, though, is the famous line from the second movie "dawn of the dead": "where there's no room left in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.

Kurt Gottschalk

bartelby - if you get a chance, check "make out with violence." it's intense to see a zombie movie that isn't trying to be scary.


Maybe, but i regretted the last time i followed someone's advice to see a zombie movie

Kurt Gottschalk

eh, maybe so then. i saw "get low" last night. quite good. about a guy who plans his funeral before he's dead because he wants to attend. pretty much the opposite of a zombie movie. you might try that instead.

or, you know, stay home and listen to wfmu!

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