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September 09, 2010



Don't forget... LOTS of dead animals too!

Matt the Nashville Guitar Teacher

This blog is totally amazing--I just discovered it by reading the article from last year about Captain Beefheart's 10 guitar commandments. Now I'm reading about the polluted state of the River Passaic. This, after reading about modern doctoral student music in another recent post.

Thanks for putting such eclectic ideas together all in one place.


Hey guys. I wanted to leave a comment on the actual blog post on the actual broadcast, but it seems I can not. My joke about the Passaic not being as polluted as once thought, is "I'm not glowing yet." I happen to be one of Bill Rapp's children, and grew up on the Passaic River, just as he did. I really wish he had spoken up when X-Ray mentioned rowing on the crew team, as both my sister and I also did. In fact, I was one of the members of the first actual girl's crew team my freshman year of high school. Anyway, I found the broadcase quite interesting. Keep having fun.

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