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September 15, 2010



My two for the week both come from Snap Crackle & Pops

Both are highly recommended.
Blatant Self-Promo:


Doug, thanks once again for your amazing posts. The interview with Laurie Verchomin was indeed harrowing. Though I knew that Evans was a hardcore drug user, I always feel a bit of cognitive dissonance when confronted with that fact. It is hard to reconcile the fact he constantly shot cocaine intravenously with the sublime and gentle music he was capable of creating.


Oh and...that "Survey of Rural Black Religious Music" has got to be one of the most amazing things yet posted on Mining the Audio Motherlode. Many many thanks.

Doug S.

Glad you are digging it, Dave. Thanks for letting me know. Please be sure to spread the praise over at Holy Warbles, the original poster of this gem. And by all means, be sure to purchase this album when its finally reissued (I don't know the particulars). I am praying that the folks putting out the reissue also reprint the original liner notes.

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