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September 29, 2010



Some recent finds of note:

Pop Sunda:


Blatant Self-promo


A foul-tempered rasta of my acquaintance once dissed the whole of african music en masse with the statement "I don't listen to that happy n!gger music!"

Yeah, i hate the phrase "world music" too... is america not part of the world? Well, being a brit i may not be best placed to comment.


"Third World Music" might work, except that I've seen European folk and folk-influenced stuff with the "World Music" tag too. I've always seen the term as kind of a dig at America in the first place, as Mogambo implies -- "World Music" is music that predates or maintains its own identity in spite of homogenized American hegemonic culture. It's a term coined and intended to be used by the inhabitants of that culture to remind them that there is a "rest of the world".

I think it's a waste to time to get too hung up on it. I think the most justifiable criticism of the term is that it lumps the work of that whole "rest of the world" together as "furriner music" without recognizing its own distinctions. There are contexts where that may be appropriate and many where it's not.

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