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September 30, 2010



I think my head is going to explode.


It's just a cute joke, according to the poster. But they have been ridiculously litigious about its use in the past.

This was back in 2002. Really ridiculous.

Murray the Quay

It's available in a variety of audio formats here:

Now if I could just find the guitar tab for this. . .


Have you never heard of John Cage? 4'33 answers the zen like question, "What music do you hear when no music is playing?" 4'33 is four minutes of SILENCE.


If the uploaded intended for it to be ironic, I wonder how he got YouTube to "disable" the audio. You're right that the copyright notice looks real.

Michael Netsch

The uploader simply could have used an sudio track of a popular song which he knew was going to be blocked by YouTube.

actron cp9190

yes I agree, hope they can find another video that I can download as my copy too hahah

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