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October 14, 2010


Trein Londen

Thanks for sharing, one person is indeed enjoying this!

Account Deleted

It seems to me that songs of The Original Artists and Muruga are mixed up.
Story of Failure reminds me The Fall
Powers especially good

Tony Coulter

Groover: The Original Artists and Muruga tracks are actually not crossed -- all is OK as is. Thanks for saying something nonetheless! Glad you like the Powers cut.

Lepidus Vir

Muruga and The Dark Side remind me of the horrible amateur road songs the guys from "Car Talk" play between segments on NPR. Worse, even. Always enjoy these postings. Thanks.

Dustin Dreggors

Thank you for introducing me to such unique and wonderful music!


Thanks Tony. Another great post. Muruga and Powers are precisely my cup of tea at the moment.


Xylophone, pots'n'pans percussion, non-sequitur lyrics - man, that Powers' "Africa" song is goofy New Wave gold. pleeeze post the b-side!

David B Hastings

MKC: 'Take Me Away'; my new favorite song- thank you.


Who were the members of the Original Artists? I have this 7 inch at our library (Cornell University) and can't find much info on this group. Can you give me any background on this group, so I can distinguish it from another group already set up in the catalog with the name: the Original Artists? Thanks, Beth

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