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October 03, 2010



Isaias Afwerki was born in Asmara on February 12, 1946. He is the second son of Ato Afwerki Abraha and Woizero Adanech Berhe. His origin is both paternally and maternally from Tigrai, Ethiopia.Isaias is the direct descendent of Dejazmatch Mirtcha Wolde Kidane, Shum Temben who begat H.E. Ras Hagos Mirtcha (brother of Reese Masafint Kassa Mirtcha, who ascended the throne as H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Yohannes IV, King of Kings of Ethiopia). Hagos was killed in battle with Ras Alula in Shire, 19th January 1897. Hagos begat Dejazmatch Abraha Hagos. Abraha begat Ato Afewerq Abraha who was employed with the Ministry of Land Reform, at Mekele, Tigray. Afewerq married Woizero Adanech Berhe, daughter of Woizero Medhin Berad, sister of Fitawrawri Kidane Mesel, from Adowa and begat Ato Isayas Afewerki.[1] Isaias' siblings include Amare, Amanuel, Ermias, Yonas, Tsigereda, Mewael, Petros, Paulos, Ariam, Robel and Feven.[citation needed]

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