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October 19, 2010



Whoa, interesting.... i've had a similarly ambiguous relationship with some of the music i love. I think a lot of us between about 14 and 40 have had a bit of "i will NEVER like any country/jazz" because of them being "parental" music styles, perceived as reactionary in thecase of country and for jazz either pretentious or just too old...

But that wasn't what i was gonna comment on (oops!). I was noticing while i read that i have a similar but different reaction. When I first heard certain pieces (Ornette's "Free Jazz" & Steve Reich's "Desert Music" spring to mind) i listened carefully once, then set them aside after deciding that i basically liked them a lot, but because they were complex and involving and not what i usually listened to, they required more attention than i was prepared to spare them at the time.

It took me six months and a couple other Ornette albums to click with Free Jazz, which is now an old fave, but "The Desert Music" went for years without me playing it once... perhaps seven years, until last month, when i pulled out the old CD and put it on to find that it had somehow also become an old favourite. Now it's integrated into the household, always close to the top of the stack, a fave while me and the daughter cook when she comes for the weekend, and to occupy my ears and mind if i'm gonna spend hours collaging or cross-hatching...

I also still have resistance to classical music... but i've warmed in recent years just because of how much i loved Nodame Cantabile. Embarrassing maybe but hell, when a the music and the story are inseparable like that, it's hard to appreciate one and not the other.

Amused by your rejection of genres.... i reference genres all the time, but i don't believe in them at all. It's more a semantic marker for my reaction to music.

Anyways enough rambling, sorry to have gone on so long but i was stimulted there. I wanna go listen to something i'm not familiar enough with... well, maybe later, i'm currently rocking out to Melon Kinenbi!

Zacharius Hay

Thanks for writing; I was thinking as I was reading your response, Mogambo, that I should write something about "Music I never listen to (or rarely)" that I keep holding onto for some reason. I think also that there is something great about only listening to something rarely. I often think, in general, perhaps it would be better to not repeatedly listen to anything, but instead, play it once a year or just a few times; none of that leaving it on the turntable\cd player permanently. I think if you listen to something rarely you're more likely to pay attention and hear something you otherwise may miss.

As far as classical music, I have been really enjoying Camille Saint-Saens 'Carnival of the Animals."

Jordan; I am trying to put your message together and am somewhat unable, but I like it that way. More please.


Thanks Zach... I'm always interested in what you have to say and I am always baffled at myself for not having asked you more about music in the desert. Music does catch up with you in some strange way.... much like what we read you could say, like your posts even. So thanks. My hope is to find some stories within music that speak to us and help us create our own stories to share. I'm in France currently teaching English to high-schoolers and I'm trying to think if they would really get what the music is saying. One student told me that when the French listen to music sung in English (which is most of what they hear on the radio), they don't understand any of the lyrics, and they almost prefer it that way since it's like "La Magie"- magic. I'm baffled at this too.... cause there are some amazing stories told through music, (think Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young etc.) and even the Grateful Dead- which you seem not to like so much. So I'm wondering if you have ever written about the words of music and/or if they are purely separate for you? thanks Zach.

Katya Oddio

Matt LeMay and WFMU DJ Jason Sigal discuss this same topic on this show.

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