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October 16, 2010


Dat Big Cheeze

Met Burgess Meredith at one time and was amazed at the size of this head in comparison to his body. Quite large. Got me looking at other actors and I've noticed this is the norm. Figure maybe they photo better with larger heads.


Meredith was good friends with John Lilly, who invented the flotation (i.e., sensory deprivation) tank. According to at least one source, Burgess spent more than 24 hrs. inside one while under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

ffxiv gil

So instead of my planned continued assault of Hallowe'en-y audio, a little break for buddy Burgess. Back in two weeks with something spooky, yessir.

Listener Greg

Hey, Burgess was in 4 episodes of the Twilight Zone- that's spooky enough for me!


Fun comments--! Yup, TZ veteran- good point, I just showed the episode "The Obsolete Man to my girlfriend the other night and she was appropriately weirded out by the direction in that one. It's not Great TZ, but Burgess is so neat in it and I love the conceit of making the powers-that-be grovel when they think they're gonna die, meanwhile you sit and calmly read your scripture;
large head--interesting, I've noticed this before (re: actors in general with large heads), but never in Meredith's case; and it seems very in character for Mr. Meredith to have investigated sensory deprivation/and or stimulation. He's a fascinating guy-- I wish I was more read up on him, and could thus make the posts richer, but hey- the feedback is accomplishing a bit of that!

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