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November 11, 2010


DJ ManRich

J.D. King was also a contributor (and I think columnist) in Michael Weldon's wonderful Psychotronic Video magazine.

I had nearly forgotten about Little Fyodor. I remember when that odious La Tour song came out in the early 90s (People are Still Having Sex), Fyodor responded with Everybody's Still Fucking.
I think he is now somehow affiliated with Boyd Rice. Or Boyd's a fan, or something...

Little Fyodor

Boyd and I are gay lovers.

Boyd hates me as he does all sub-humans.

Boyd is a fan but otherwise will have nothing to do with me.

Boyd and I are subversive collaborators in shadowy social experiments.

Boyd lent his name to and helped produce my Greatest Hits album and occasionally gets drunk with me, when he manages to make it out his door....

I was going to say one of those are true, but I see it's not well disguised.

Thanks, Tony!!

Brian Clark

Try listening to Little Fyodor's music while masturbating. Just try it.

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