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November 15, 2010


Aaron White

Can you tell us what BBQ place she manages? I'm an old Alabama boy and the next time I'm in the state I'd be proud to have a meal at her establishment.

Salikin Nosbod

yup, i think she's sort of hot in that picture too. i go to alabama now.


I am wondering if anyone can help me.
I am trying to find a web page that was set up by someone who found a whole case full of cassette recordings that chronicled one family's road trip across the USA.
I seem to remember that there was a slightly disinterested girl in the back seat of the car and her enthusiastic father driving.
I have been unable to find the page and would love any help anyone could give.
For now Amanda will more than suffice!


mr. mike

It's the rawness without artifice that attracts people to Amanda; those two goofballs that made up "Not the Beatles" were just as crude musically but their schtick was that their "album" was recorded "live" at the 688 Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Crudeness never works well with "fakeness" in music; people will think you're trying to pull a Spinal Tap.

BTW, I've always loved how the WFMU blog presents these bits of found musicalia and spoken word albums; it's like a thrift store of the mind.

Key Data Networking

The Amanda rec ordings have emerged as an unexpected cult sensation on my WFMU program over the past two years the chronicles feature Amanda Whitt, a growling think Cookie Monster

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