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November 14, 2010



Hooty was a staple of the Hound show on FMU for years and can be heard at

Albert Osdoe

In the early 60s Hooty Saperticker Day was a summer celebration every year in Chicago via Dick Biondi, Art Roberts and others on WLS. They always played the Andy Rose version and encouraged everyone to celebrate by doing nothing on that day. Makes me think Andy's version must have been released earlier than 1967 because that went on for years and by 67, there was lots of way cooler music and we had strayed from AM listening instead to early underground radio that was far more interesting. I don't recall ever hearing the Barbara and the Boys original which is way stranger. Thanks for posting both of these.

I had it bad for awhile as a young un celebrating each year by writing Hooty Saperticker on everything I could find and even going so far as to go through way too many crayons using the sidewalk as a huge marquee, writing one letter per sidewalk square and continuing on at least 6 long blocks away from where we lived.

Bob Purse

Thanks for the additional information. More digging turns up a label discography that documents the record having been released in late 1964. Dick Biondi would have been gone from WLS for a year by then though, so who knows.


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