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November 02, 2010



The video was shot at Toxic Shock Studio in July '91. My band the Sea Monkeys was on the bill along with Fly Ashtray.



Jennifer Kelly

Nicely done, fantastic band, interesting story, nice guy...great to see Dustdevils get some ink. that Dustdevil & Crow stuff is worth checking out as well, very dreamy, gauzy, guitar-freaked spoken word, reminds me of Current 93 and Incredible String Band.


I always loved DustDevils's style...being from the 90s and such they have a rather unique one and grew with the sense of quality for music.

richard and martin of rouska records

Michael is a complete fantasist. He was thown out of The Wedding Present because he went off with Gedges girlfriend, the drummer - who looks remarkably lke Jaqi! Gedge isn't a tyrant. Mike lies again later in this interview. After Gutter Light Rouska didn't issue a new contract -the band were out of contract. Mike's attitude was shit and for sometime he'd been working with Steve 'Weave' Hawkins who'd paid for Geek Drip to be recorded at Lion Studios in Leeds - or so we think. We saw the quarter inch lying around one day and could've out of spite half inched it as Mike is a nasty piece and deserves everything he gets but we're not like him. Apparently he didn't do a deal with Steve otherwise why would Mike use a cassette version of the recording. Rouska didn't pay for the recording as the band were not signed to us. By and by Mike and Jaqi's marriage was illegal - she was already married. Jaqi was talented but Mike was just a freeloading twat from Bradford. Love Richard & Martin owners of Rouska Records back in the day. Yes Mike, in previous correspondence when I talked of 'we', it wasn't the fuckin royal 'we' you arse - it was we, me and Martin K.

Beady Librarianne

Troll. Go home. If he wasn't signed to you, then what's your beef?


Those Steven Cerio records he mentions are under the name Atlantic Drone. Great great psychedelic stuff.

michael duane

the 1st one is a bit good...


nice interview, i <3 dustdevils

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