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December 13, 2010



Yes! more more more!


more please--these are so great. Looks like a fun place.

Ricky Grove

Oh, yeah, this is great stuff. Please take more pix.

clueless in MI

Interesting heap of poop (stuff). But its cool poop...bring it on.


Hope you made it to the Abita Brew Pub while you were there…


I sure did, Ψ-Ns. I had to stick with the root beer tho, the 24 miles over the Pontchartrain Bridge kept me from drinking beers.

Thanks for kind words, I'll keep at it.


Yes, more would be great!


Great pics! It's an interesting place for sure. When we make the trek across the bridge there's always a stop for a drink at a stinky bar called Dicks in Bush, Louisiana.

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