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December 16, 2010



Fascinating stuff, Tony - especially the Gen Ken Montgomery. The LP scans are great as well.
I always look forward to your posts!


Ha! I remember the Generator; had some good times there and some good stories. Here's one.

We're all sitting on the floor of the shop, listening to Sue Anne Harkey jam on her electric zither thingy. Into the store pops a big crazy eyed street person ( bear in mind, the nabe was a little uhhh different back then ). People are trying not to pay attention to this distraction, but then he reaches his hand into his jacket and we all think "oh my, something awful this way comes" and I start looking for a place to jump to. In a mighty flourish, he reveals an enormous tapestry of Elvis Presley. "Any of you white people want to buy this?" he asks. We all bust out in a big laugh. Come on buddy, sit down and enjoy the free show.

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