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December 26, 2010



Wow amazing, thank you

Bob W

Thanks - always great to hear "found audio" like this. I always wonder what happened to the people in these tapes.

Tom Jones Tribute Artist - Ian Anthony - UK.

I wonder if the recordings which kids make today on their phones, mp3 recorders, websites....etc will still be around in 30 years or so from now? As a recording artist myself it seems like we don't have the same 'reverence' for the stuff we record these days?

Andy Lester

I went to school in Lincoln, first grade with Mrs. Haase at Elliott School, in 1972. Dad worked at the university. I sent him a link on the crazy off chance he'd have any idea who they might be.


Just got around to listening to this today. I find this couple very charming and hope they stayed happy together. Shame we don't have the other reel.

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